All new manuscripts to GDIC should be submitted directly via website on After you submit via the website, you will be notified via email that you registered via the previous website.

Step 1. To maintain scientific integrity, one of our editors will run Turnitin on every new submission to see if there are any potential plagiarism issues. Papers that do not pass the plagiarism check will be rejected immediately.

Step 2. Then the lead publication will conduct a preliminary check on the new submission to determine if it falls within the scope of the conference and decide whether it needs further review. If a new manuscript passes the initial vetting, it will be assigned to reviewers for single-blind peer review.

Step 3. Each selected paper will be reviewed by at least one/two independent experts with related research backgrounds, especially originality, validity, quality, and readability. Review Reports received from experts will be assessed by one of the editors with international scientific standards.

Step 4. If logical, then Review Reports will be sent to the authors to modify the manuscript accordingly. If it is illogical, the editor can assign a new reviewer or assess it himself.

Step 5. Authors will be asked to revise their paper according to the points raised.

Step 6. The revised version will then be evaluated by the editor whether the points submitted by the reviewer have been responded to or not, and the editor will send back the revised manuscript to the reviewer for re-evaluation.

Step 7. If the reviewers approve the revised version of the manuscript, the Chief Editor will make the final decision on publication.